The 5 Don’ts of Manifesting Desires

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Our thoughts create energy that flows within ourselves. If positive energy dominates in your thought patterns, it attracts positive results and can use it more effectively in creating positivity in your life. If you truly want to use your energetic power to manifest greatness, you must clear all the blocks that limit you from achieving the greatness in your life!

Here are the 5 don’ts of manifesting desires:

Don’t doubt

A lot of people practice manifestation with the dream of attracting all kind of great things in their lives, but soon a lot of them give up, as they don’t see things happening as fast as they have expected. They start complaining without knowing that what they need is already on the way. Also don’t assume that things take a long time to manifest, as this belief will also delay the materialization of your dreams. Manifestation works only when one gives up doubt and start believing that what is wished is already yours! Trust in the process.

Don’t try too hard and focus too much on thinking

Stop seeking, searching, and forcing yourself to make things happen (you will end up being a control freak instead. Hehe!). When you start feeling peaceful, calm and happy with yourself, that is when miracles start happening.

Don’t be inconsistent

Being consistent in your thoughts are one of the most important thing that you can do to improve your results. If you could allow yourself to experience higher feelings consecutively for a certain period of time, your world will be bound to become a lot different than before in a much better way!

Don’t try to change others

This never works and would only add frustrations to your life. Definitely you can influence or manipulate or inspire others to act in a certain way, but never can change a person. The only person you have the absolute power to change is yourself.

Don’t have fear

Fear of failure, success, acceptance, change etc blocks us from receiving what we have manifested for. Figure out what you are really afraid of and think yourself if this is really true or does being in an emotion of fear guides you to anything good? Fear only exists in one’s mind. So don’t put yourself in such a state of fear. Instead, choose to see your life as an exciting adventure in which you are always protected!

Don’t practice bad habits

All of us have bad habits in one way or other forms. Truth is, it depletes our energy and makes it more difficult to manifest our desires. Get rid of certain negative language patterns like I hate, I can’t, its impossible etc. Such negative statements prevent you from being open to all possibilities and block you from manifesting your desire.

Avoiding above manifestations mistakes will make your journey faster and easier than you dreamed possible.

So there you go, these are the 5 don’ts of manifesting desires. Follow them and you will be living a life more aligned with who you truly are, and you know what, that’s when you start to see your desires happening!


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