I Love The Law of Attraction brings to you a very simple and affordable way to directly tap into your higher potential and unleash your power by using daily positive affirmations and subliminal audio, using the principles of the law of attraction.

The system is easy and you will only need just up to 12 minutes a day to bring about outstanding results. If you are someone who wants to achieve your highest potential in life, you are at the right place!

We have successfully used the power of the law of attraction and affirmations to achieve miracles in our own lives as well as the lives of others, from building businesses that allows us to have time freedom, to travelling for periods of 6 months each time, manifesting over $30,000 within an hour, to 6-digit businesses in a year, and helping many people find the love of their lives.

With the knowledge that using affirmations is one of the easiest ways to help program our subconscious to help get what we want in life, we aim to offer you the largest collection of affirmations, affirmation audios and subliminal audio available on the internet.

Why do we use the deer as part of our brand logo?
Known for their speed, grace, endurance and long life, deer are graceful, lovely animals that are thought of as symbols of longevity and wealth. In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority. In Buddhism, the deer symbolizes harmony, happiness, peace and longevity. There are also Tibetan legends in which deer help men to solve problems. The deer is a perfect symbolism of what we wish for you, to create love and abundance in all areas of your lives.

The founder, Marrilyn H.G. Tong has been passionate about healing and personal development since more than 17 years ago. She is the book author of Love Is Here: How to Find Love and Date the Perfect Man in 3 Months (or less) and a serial entrepreneur. She was offering design and counselling advices on allexperts.com in 2000 as per of her service to society. Throughout the years of her adulthood she gained interests in self-development, alternative healing and topics on spirituality hence went on to learn Reiki healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Landmark Forum, even had Life Coach Training lessons plus a few more techniques from various healers and coaches. Passionate about helping people achieve their dreams, Marrilyn has helped many people to find the love of their lives, achieve their personal, business dreams and find true happiness.

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