How to have a long lasting, loving relationship

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One of the greatest joy in life is having a committed and loving relationship. Once you have established a relationship, it takes effort to make it long lasting. Personally, I find that the longer a relationship is, the more rewards you get out of it.

Want to learn how to have a long lasting, loving relationship? Here are some tips for you:

Love yourself

This is the most important point of all – loving yourself. It is only when you are happy with yourself and truly love you for who you are, then you can share your love to your partner and others. Someone without self love will go into a relationship wanting her partner to complete her, to love her. This is the wrong reason to get into a relationship and is definitely not setting a strong foundation to the relationship.

Start with you. Love yourself first, then have so much love within you that you want to share it with a partner. Find a partner who also has those qualities, and then, watch the magic happen. You will have a truly, loving relationship.

Find the right balance

Do you tend to lose yourself and forget about your own needs when you are in a relationship? Do you put others before you? Red light alert!

It is good that you want to make your partner happy. However, you also need to remember to take care of the most important person in your relationship, which is YOU! Remember the first point is to love yourself. Just as much as it is important to give your time and energy to others, it is also crucial to give the same things to you too.

Find time for yourself and learn to do things without relying on your partner. Going miles to keep your partner happy, by ignoring your self desire may not turn healthy. Always have a balance between your personal time and your time together.

Accept your partner for who they are

Finding fault with your partner all the time will only push them further away. Did you witness your parents finding fault with each other? Where did it lead them? How did you feel towards that particular behavior of theirs?

Just as much as you do not like it, then it is good to be conscious of whether you are acting this way too to your partner.

Nobody likes to hear what they have done wrong, especially men. The goal of most men in a committed relationship is to make you happy. They judge the success of themselves in a relationship by how happy you are, and whether they can make you happy. If you are always complaining about them, then to them, they have failed.

The way to go about instead is to love your partner unconditionally and accept them for who they are. Just as you do not want your partner to change you in any way to suit themselves, you do not do this to them. Love all his good qualities, his quirks and also the way he leaves his socks all over the bedroom.

Accept and appreciate him. This is how you start a positive cycle. The more you appreciate him, you find yourself loving him even more, he of course feels that, and he returns that million-fold.

Follow the above tips and you will be on your way to having a truly loving and lasting relationship.


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