How to resolve disagreements in a relationship

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No relationship is ever perfect and filled with only lovey dovey feelings all the time. Sometimes, disagreements are bound to happen.

It does not feel good when you are having a fight with your loved one, though the interesting this is, sometimes these little squabbles, once you manage to resolve them in a proper manner, actually helps to strengthen your relationship.

Here are a few tips on how to resolve disagreements in a relationship:

Admit your mistakes and forgive

Be open to your partner and admit your mistakes. Tell them the complete story without omitting any areas of truth. This is most important as your honesty will be necessary for long term reconciliation. Listen to your partner’s point of view too, sometimes it may surprise you on how different they see the world than you. Put yourself in his shoes, and sometimes you may realize that you are in the wrong too. Saying sorry and forgiving him and yourself will allow the space for you to move on from this episode.

Have an open and honest discussion

Openly have a discussion on what got you there. There is nothing in this world that sincere and open communication cannot resolve. Sharing challenges, problems, and your emotions with your spouse may be difficult initially, but will help rebuild trust and ultimately intimacy in your relationship. Make yourself an open book.

Do not, I repeat, do not start telling your partner what you think he has done wrong. Only focus on how the incident made you feel.

Make a commitment to work through the issues together

Once you have an open and honest discussion together, find ways to resolve the situation together with your partner. It takes two to clap, so both of you will need to find a way to compromise and come to a mutual agreement.

You need to find the right time to approach this too. It is not advisable to try to talk things out when you are in the moment of anger, as it clouds your thinking and you will not be able to speak in a calm and constructive manner. The best thing some time, is to give yourself and partner some space, and then talk things out when both of you are in a better frame of mind.

Be consistent

Do your very best to be consistent in your words and your actions. Be sure that you keep all the promises you make. These are the best ways to connect again.

Be present oriented

Stop living in the past and make sure you are assessing your relationship from the present moment perspective. Only talk about the topic on hand now, and do not bring up things that happened 1 or even 5 years ago.

Maintain respect and keep the love alive

Find time to spend weekends together. Show them that you love them and give the attention that is needed and appreciate them in big and small ways every day. Sometimes it is good to just go somewhere and do something together to reconnect with each other again.


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