Ways To Practice Self Love And Be Good To Yourself

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Do you think self love is something you can buy in a beauty shop or by wearing a new set of attire? Nope!

Self love means something different for each person, because we all have many different ways to show that we love ourselves. It is a radical act of self-acceptance and deep, inner-work. You deserve to be loved not only by those around you but by the most important person in your life — YOU.

Practicing self love can be challenging for many of us, especially when we are undergoing through some difficulties in life. Here are 5 things you can do to achieve self-love.

Accept yourself

Nobody is perfect. Accept your flaws or past experiences or choices and start focusing on growing your Self rather focusing on unchangeable things, as the opportunities for happiness in life are so vast. In case if there is anything you want to change about yourself to become more of your ideal self, change it!

Let go off the past

You can’t change the things you have done in the past but you can control your future. The more blocks we clear, the more we can really live big in the area of self-love. We’re constantly holding on to things in our past, which gives no good to us. So let go off the past and move forward to reach self acceptance and self love.

Recognize and pursue your true passion

Understand what you love the most and pursue it. Caring for ourselves means remaining authentic and recognizing our true passions. Take small steps today to start paving the path to tomorrow. Achieving long-term goals and big dreams are possible so long as you put the effort into making them happen.

Bring the right people into your life

Positive energy is contagious, so whether you’re building a network or planning to go to a fun event, it’s always important to have a community you value around you regularly. So choose your friends and teams wisely, so you surround yourself with loving, real, caring, and supportive people. These are people who reflect back to you the beautiful qualities they see in you.  Get rid of others who want to take away the shine on your face.

Practice meditation

Meditation is important for your spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Just taking five minutes in the morning to meditate benefits you all day.

Shower yourself with Gratitude

Early morning when you get out of bed, take some time to thank yourself for having another wonderful day and thank for everything you have in your life, which you may find even as silly.

Choose mood boosting foods

Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will have you oozing love out of every pore. So it’s good to have foods with Omega-3 fatty acids (like salmon, flaxseeds, and hemp) reduce inflammation in our brain and help improve our moods. Processed and packaged foods can increase inflammation in our brain and can cause negative impact on our mood and stress levels.


It’s Your Turn

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